Sydney mum Ana sits down with us and tell us what motherhood has taught her.

While we all come from different walks of life and traditions, Mother’s Day has shown us that the best way to be a mother is to just be yourself. Here, Ana delves into her own journey with motherhood and gives us an insight into her take on motherhood.

We hope you enjoy Ana's story as much as we did.

To mothers like Ana:
Thank you for your love, strength & guidance.



What has motherhood taught you?

Motherhood has taught me a serious amount of patience 😄
Most of all it has taught me how to be me. I use to be so critical of myself before kids. They have really shown me how to love myself more and care less about what others think. I still continue to question myself as a mother like most do but I know they think the world of me no matter what, which in turn gives me all the confidence i need.



As a mum, what or who inspires you the most?

As a Mum myself my biggest inspiration is my own Mum. You seriously underestimate what your mum does for you before becoming a Mum yourself. I now see all the sacrifices she made to make sure my sisters and I had the best possible life she could give us.


How will you be celebrating Mother's Day this year?

We celebrated this Mother’s Day with a beautiful breakfast with my mother-in-law and a backyard picnic lunch with my mum and sister.


What is your favorite dish/dessert to cook for your family?

I have a lot of favourite dishes I love to cook for my family but my favourite has to be my zucchini lasagna. Mainly because my kids actually eat with delight!