This year for Mother's Day, Katelyn gives us her take on motherhood with Winter and Hunter.

As we all come from different walks of life and traditions- in celebration of Mother's Day, we love hearing stories such as Katelyn's on their journey with motherhood.

We hope you enjoy Katelyn's story as much as we did.

To mothers like Katelyn:
Thank you for your love, strength & guidance.



What does motherhood mean to you?

To me motherhood is about sharing your love, nurturing and guidance.


What has motherhood taught you?

To be patient, be present and to treasure every moment as your little people grow so fast.



As a mum, what or who inspires you the most?

Other mums around me inspire me the most, motherhood is a lesson that never stops, every day you are growing and learning so much.


How will you be celebrating Mother's Day this year?

With lots of cuddles and warm cups of coffee in bed, then with a shared lunch with the women who mean the most to me.


What is your favorite dish/dessert to cook for your family?

My absolute favourite recipe is a family roast, it brings everyone together with warmth and delicious roasted veggies.